Treat in Germany your orthopedic, traumatological, rheumatic or degenerative pathologies of the bones and joints affecting the musculoskeletal system and the spine. It’s opting for a positive alternative which frees you from both pecuniary and administrative delays that paralyze the health system in many European countries.


Indeed, Our teams work tirelessly to improve your health and well-being in the different areas of orthopedic surgery; from the treatment of limbs pathologies to the treatment of acute and degenerative pathologies of the spine, going through the treatment of trauma and their aftermath, the treatment of primitive or prosthetic osteoarticular infections as well as the treatment of sports traumatology.

This gives you the benefit of a comprehensive care framework of the diagnosis by medical imaging, the benefit of a functional rehabilitation in a most secure environment.


Our teams are multidisciplinary and consists of orthopedic surgeons, anesthetists, rheumatologists and specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation.


Our orthopedic surgeons offer you in Germany hyper-specialized consultations that are adapted to your pathology, whether it is orthopedic, prosthetic, scoliosis or malformative and restorative surgery.


Orthopedics in Germany is also having access to an advanced imaging platform based on digitized radiographs, ultrasound, radio-guided infiltration, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), scanner as well as the innovative EOS osteoarticular imaging system.


A high-tech rehabilitation platform is also available to our patients to enable the optimization and personalization of care at each step by a rehabilitation doctor, a physiotherapist and an osteopath.


The human and careful approach of our highly competent surgical and medical teams is a part of their work ethic. In fact, they are at your service to provide highly professional care to help you regain your musculoskeletal health, and to guarantee the best medical attention during your stay in Germany.


The excellence of our teams in orthopedic surgery makes Germany the most famous destination in the region. Our success and our reputation in orthopedics demonstrate our personalized approach to patients as well as our highest standards of quality and safety of health care.